This update covers Carbon and Zilliqa ecosystems. In this issue, we look at some of the highlights from the past month of October: NFTs, software upgrades, announcement dates, and more.

1. Carbon

1.1. V2.13.0 Software Upgrade

The V2.13.0 Software Upgrade was rolled out on Carbon.

The upgrade consists of improvements and bug fixes such as

  • Upgrading the Cosmos-SDK version
  • Increasing default gas limit on the protocol
  • Standardizing inconsistent GRPC query format for some modules
  • Fixing duplicate votes on oracle services

Find out more about the upgrade here.

1.2. Twitter Spaces #2 and #3

We asked - and the crowd has spoken. Bi-weekly conversations are happening on Fridays, 11AM UTC+8 as we dive into a fresh topic each Twitter Spaces session. Catch the replay:

Follow our journey on socials here and here.

2. Demex

2.1. Perpetuals Trading Competitions

Demex kicked off two perpetuals trading competitions this month, which took place from 10 October, 8AM UTC to 31 October, 8AM UTC.

Traders could take part in either the (1) Top Gainers Competition, trading BTC or ETH perpetuals to compete for the highest profit % ranking, or the (2) Top Traders Competition, to trade BTC or ETH perpetuals as they competed for the highest trading volume ranking.

For more information about competition guidelines, rules and prizes, check below:

Heartiest of congratulations to all winners! We will provide an update shortly on the status of the prize winnings.

To view the list of winners, head on here and click on ‘View Past Results’.

Update: Winners have been announced and prizes have been distributed.

2.2. Fish Market Academy <> Demex Youtube Videos

From killer features such as permissionless markets and flexible network fees to a step-by-step guide on how to farm on Demex, check out these videos by Fish Market Academy for an easy overview on what Demex has to offer —

3. ZilSwap

3.1. Integration of ZilSwap ARKY Stats on DappRadar

DappRadar has recently integrated NFT stats for ARKY, an inclusive NFT marketplace created for creators and collectors, and their digital art on ZilSwap.

View ZilSwap ARKY statistics here. View Metazoa NFT statistics here.

3.2. New ZILO format

Previously, users had to commit 30% of $ZWAP and 70% of $ZIL tokens for each ZILO sale. We’re happy to share that we’re removing the requirements for a $ZIL/$ZWAP commit.

Moving forward, interested users need only commit $ZIL tokens. It gets better - $ZWAP holders will be granted a whitelisted spot that entitles them to a 5% discount during the sale. Discounts from whitelists will be automatically added.

Note: The 5% discount applies only if users are holding a minimum amount of $ZWAP tokens for a certain number of days. The minimum amount & number of days are subject to changes, and may differ from each ZILO listing.

3.3. New ZILO: MetaSportZ City

MetaSportZ City is the world’s first sports, entertainment and gaming Metaverse city, where players can take ownership of in-game assets, races and tournaments within the City itself. $MSZC, their utility token, plays a key role in driving the growth of the MetaSportZ City ecosystem.

The ZILO happened from 12 to 14 October, with 115,500,000 tokens available for sale. Read more about the Sportaverse project here.

To hear directly from the team and learn more about the project and their token $MSZC, check out the joint AMA we had with the MetaSportZ City team on Discord here.

3.4. Soulless Citadel on ARKY

Soulless Citadel is a story-driven NFT project featuring 5555 unique, verifiable light Walker Clan venturing on the Zilliqa blockchain.

Now, fans of the project can enjoy 0% platform fees for both Soulless Citadel Collections on ARKY. Check our their collections below:

4. Zolar

4.1. Mission II: The Right to Bear Arms — Phase II and III begins!

Embark on quests and shop at the ZOMG store as Phase II and III of Mission II: The Right to Bear Arms commences!

Commanders, the fate of Mission II lies in your very hands:

  • View your Metazoa’s stats (Phase 0)
  • Choose your Metazoa's Professions (Phase I)
  • Visit Profession sites on the Zolarverse Map (Phase II)
  • Zolar Asteroid Belt, Moon Battlegrounds and Elder Woodlands
  • Shop at the ZOMG Store (Phase III)

While you’re at it, check out our brand new landing page here!  

4.2. Dev Updates: $HUNY Rewards and Tokenomics

While Phase 1 of $HUNY rewards has since come to an end, there is no reason to fret. The Magic Hive has churned out a 2nd round of $HUNY rewards, which will last until 19 April 2023.

This is the sign you’ve been waiting for. Deposit your $HUNY holdings over at, and expect APR of over 50% in the next 180 days.

In line with this, to account for Phase 2 of $HUNY rewards, we’re shifting things around in our Hunynomics as well. The change primarily involves a shift of 20M $HUNY (from 60M to 40M $HUNY) from Operations to the $HUNY rewards for Magic Hive Phase 2.

Linear unlocking for the Refinery will still be applicable for Phase 2.

For more information, click here.

4.3. View Metazoa Stats on ARKY

Looking to add more Metazoa to your collection? With the new ‘Additional Info’ feature, by clicking on any Metazoa on ARKY, you will be able to view Metazoa Stats, Profession, Mastery and more.

Head on to and see it for yourself!

4.4. Introductory Video to Zolar on Youtube

Zolar is Zilliqa's leading Play-to-Own NFT GameFi game where our Metazoa NFTs reside. We’re introducing a brand new series on Youtube walking through users, new and old, our journey into the Metaverse.

In our very first episode, we uncovered details on what Zola is, shared on our Metazoa NFTs, previous missions, as well as the upcoming mission II.

Join us in-game and start building your own Metazoa battalion for PvP tournaments here.

4.5. Community Naming of ZOrdances

The previous community naming of ZOrdances went so well - with the community blowing us away with their creativity - that we decided to do it again.  

Entries for name suggestions ended on 8 October, and the top 3 preferred names entered a poll for final selections. As per the previous round, the name with the most votes was entitled to 50 Geodes. Each Geode can either be sold for $HUNY at the ZOMG Store, or reveal a Galaxy Gem to boost Metazoa stats.

The poll ended on 12 October, with ‘Arrows of the Umbral Moon’ emerging victorious at 46.3% of total votes. Congratulations, ​​@NewtsTableTop!

4.6. Sneak peek: Revealing resources

From Zolranian Scraps, Elderberry and Galaxy Geodes, the confidential materials detailing Zolar’s recently-discovered mysterious relics are slowly being disclosed.

We have spiced up the names of our Galaxy Gems to reflect the progress of each gem as well - Rough, Polished, Shiny, Brilliant and Radiant Gems.

Be the first to know! Don’t miss out on any of our updates, and be sure to follow us on our socials here and here.

5. Switcheo Research

Switcheo Research is the research arm of Switcheo Labs dedicated to exploring the current happenings and developments in the crypto space. Catch up on some of the latest articles below:



6. What’s next?

We’re putting the final touches on our money market and Carbon stablecoin, but anticipate to share a more detailed look at these releases very soon, particularly around how they will impact and grow our ecosystem in a meaningful way in the near future. We’re staying hyper-focused, and will have more information coming out soon.