As the world of DeFi continues to evolve, the Carbon ecosystem is once again making waves with a series of new features, partnerships, and improvements aimed at enhancing user experience and expanding their offerings.

1. Carbon

This June, Carbon introduced two new governance proposals, aimed at creating a more inclusive and accessible trading environment while empowering users with increased flexibility in their trading strategies.

[CIP-54] seeks to reduce:

  • Default minimum quantity (Min Qty) for existing and new markets to $1
  • Maintenance Margin Ratio (MMR) for existing and new markets to 0.3

By lowering the Min Qty, Carbon enables smaller transactions, making it easier for users to engage in trading activities with lower amounts. This adjustment enhances accessibility, particularly for new traders who may not have significant capital to invest initially.

The lower MMR provides traders with greater flexibility in managing margin requirements, enabling them to adopt a wider range of trading strategies. By reducing barriers and empowering users with increased flexibility, Carbon aims to enhance the overall user experience and make trading more accessible to all.

The second proposal, [CIP-55], introduces the V2.26.0 software upgrade for Carbon. This upgrade brings several notable improvements, including a new tiered trading fee structure. Users with a higher amount of staked SWTH can now enjoy reduced trading fees, providing an incentive for users to participate and contribute to the ecosystem.

Moreover, the V2.26.0 upgrade introduces support for Time-in-Force (TIF) order executions, including Good-Till-Cancelled (GTC), Immediate-Or-Cancel (IOC), and Fill-Or-Kill (FOK) orders. These order types offer traders greater flexibility in managing their trading strategies and executing trades with specific conditions.

Lastly, the implementation of the ERC-20 module enables seamless conversion between Carbon Core ICS-20 coins and Carbon EVM ERC-20 tokens. This integration enhances interoperability between the two systems, allowing users to leverage the advantages of both ecosystems.

2. Demex

2.1. New Tier-Based Trading Fee Structure

Demex has rolled out a new tier-based trading fee structure, rewarding users who stake SWTH with greater trading discounts on both spot and perpetual markets. With taker fees as low as 0.01% for spot markets and 0.02% for perpetuals, traders can enjoy reduced costs, providing an added benefit for active participants in the ecosystem.

Furthermore, makers can potentially earn rebates based on their tier in perpetual markets too, creating additional incentives for liquidity providers.

2.2. TradeNShare

One of the standout features introduced by Demex this month is TradeNShare.

This innovative tool enables users to share their open or closed perpetual positions with the rest of the Twitter community directly from the Demex platform.

Traders can showcase their Return on Equity (ROE), Profit and Loss (PnL), leverage, entry and exit prices, as well as entry and exit times. This level of transparency and social interaction fosters a vibrant community and facilitates the exchange of knowledge among traders.

2.3. Demex x Zilliqa: ZIL Lend and Borrow, ZIL-PERPS and more!

Demex's partnership with Zilliqa brings $ZIL lending and borrowing capabilities to the Nitron money market, expanding the range of available assets and providing users with additional opportunities for earning passive income.

That's not all! Demex now offers a ZIL-perpetual market for trading, allowing users to engage in leveraged trading with $ZIL.

To celebrate this partnership, a ZIL Earn-A-Thon Trading Competition has been launched, offering participants exciting rewards and a chance to showcase their trading skills!

2.4. Leap Ahead with Demex (Round 2)

Leap Wallet has also joined forces with Demex for a second round of the "Leap Ahead with Demex" promotion!

Traders can now trade any markets on Demex via the Leap mobile app and have a chance to win $50 each. By meeting specific trading criteria, participants are eligible to win these exciting prizes, encouraging engagement and showcasing the seamless integration of Demex into the mobile trading landscape.

Download Leap on mobile here.

3. Fluo

3.1. Introducing Fluo's Very First Partner: Demex!

Through the collaboration with Demex, Fluo introduces Perp Pools, a specialized market-making strategy designed specifically for Demex's perpetual markets.

With Perp Pools, individuals have the opportunity to become automated market makers on Demex and earn market-making fees and other rewards. In return, Demex will provide Fluo's MM strategies with a VIP tier within its trading fee structure. This allows anyone who deposits to earn from maker rebates, funding rate and traders' losses!

Powered by Fluo, depositors in Demex's Perp Pools can benefit from minimal to no spread, deep liquidity, and minimal slippage, thereby enhancing the overall trading experience.

P.S. Don't miss out - Follow Fluo on Twitter here to catch up on the latest happenings!

3.2. Giveaway #1

As Fluo approaches its Mainnet launch, a series of giveaways has been organized to express gratitude towards the early adopters of the project.

A big thank you to all participants for contributing to the success of our inaugural giveaway!

3.2. Zealy Quest Board

That's not all!

On top of the giveaway, to foster community engagement and educate users on Fluo's mission, a Quest Board was created on Zealy, where participants had to complete specific actions and meet requirements in order to qualify for the prize pool.

4. What's next?

The V2.26.0 Software Upgrade on Carbon laid the foundation for more inclusive trading on the platform, empowering users with greater flexibility in managing their trading strategies.

Building on this momentum, Demex is ready to take the lead and bring forth a wave of innovations. July 2023 is poised to be a landmark month for Demex - Stay tuned as Demex unveils its latest offerings, designed to redefine the DeFi landscape!