What a tremendous past month it has been. Catch some of the highlights below, as we wrap up April with a bang!

  1. OSMO/BUSD & FLM/BUSD pools added to Demex

Carbon is a Layer-2 trading protocol that bridges Osmosis to non-IBC chains through the multi-chain SWTH token. As we work towards onboarding more BSC users to Osmosis, we’re thrilled to introduce the all-new OSMO/BUSD pool on Demex, bringing in more liquidity and volume to the network. The new pool is also designed to reward Osmosis users with SWTH incentives.

We’re also happy to announce that the FLM/BUSD pool and market has been added to Demex.

Start adding liquidity to earn rewards or trade directly on Demex today!

For more information on how to provide liquidity or commit LP tokens to earn more rewards, check out our user guides.

2. V2.3.0 and V2.4.0 software upgrade

The team has been working endlessly behind the scenes to roll out improvements, to make Carbon the go-to blockchain within the rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem.

Under the V2.3.0 software upgrade, Carbon will be moving away from market creation via governance towards a permissionless market creation, not only making the process a much simpler one but importantly, a nod towards decentralization. Through this upgrade, anyone will be able to create new spot or futures markets through a simple and intuitive Demex user interface which will be released real soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Excitingly, this upgrade has allowed for the creation of more IBC markets on Carbon, with the most recent being the OSMO/BUSD market.

In line with V2.3.0, the V2.4.0 software upgrade includes fixes and improvements for Carbon’s futures markets and permissionless market listing.

3. Maker vs Taker Trading Competition

In April, the ETH/USD and BTC/USD futures markets went live on Demex! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we launched our second trading competition — Maker vs Taker, with participants standing a chance to win from a striking $20,000 prize pool. With Carbon’s most recent integration with Terra, traders can now use up to 50x leverage using UST as collateral. In addition, the futures markets are also cash-settled in UST.  

The competition will end on 2 June 2022, 8am UTC. For more information about competition guidelines, rules and prizes, click here.

Editor's note: Please note that the Maker vs Taker competition will be suspended indefinitely and postponed to a later date, in light of current market activity with regards to $UST.

For more information, please see the announcement below:

4. Carbonscan Liquidity Pool: User Interface Upgrade

Carbonscan is Carbon’s very own blockchain explorer and analytics platform. With Carbonscan, users have the convenience of accessing trading volumes from over 30 markets, allowing for easy tracking and visualization of on-chain information.

Since our last update, the number of Carbon users has been steadily growing - In fact, our pool of users has grown by 17% in April. What’s new, you ask? In the spirit of constant improvisation, Carbon has revamped its user interface for the liquidity pools: Users of Carbonscan will be happy to know that they can now track the liquidity of popular markets all enveloped within a single page, which offers users the additional option to filter

  1. manually, by Symbol or Pool Name
  2. by the respective chains (Ethereum, Carbon, Neo Legacy, Zilliqa, Osmosis, Terra and Neo N3)
Source: scan.carbon.network

On top of that, users can also view the reward and commitment curves on the same page.

Source: scan.carbon.network

Volume charts displaying Pool Volume, Pool Liquidity and Liquidity Utilization Rate remain available as well.

Source: scan.carbon.network

Having read so much about the revamp, why not try it out for yourself?

5. ZOLAR Game Launch —  Takers of the Moon

The grand battle for $HUNY has officially begun: Takers of the Moon; A gripping adventure on ZOLAR, as the Ursas and Minos gear themselves up for combat with all eyes on the prize - the ultra-coveted liquid gold that is $HUNY.

ZOLAR is Ziliqa’s leading play-to-earn game that has since taken the metaverse by storm, and in just over two weeks since Phase 4: Takers of the Moon was launched, the Metazoa collection crossed the 6,600,000,000,000 $ZIL mark in all-time trading volume with the Bear Market coming in close behind — making them the top 2 NFT collections in the entire Zilliqa ecosystem!

View the collection here.

Plus: $HUNY is now listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko!

6. Switcheo Research

The hustle never ends and the team at Switcheo Research continues to power through on full drive - Read on for interesting updates and developments on the DeFi landscape: