Crypto Raiders is an NFT-based dungeon crawler on Polygon. Characters can complete dungeons, duel, level up, choose their build, and own all of their in-game assets and work. The RAIDER token represents the Crypto Raiders overall economy. Owning it can earn holders a share of all revenue generated through in-game purchases and activities.

What makes a P2E game stand out?

Many P2E games in the current market lack a key trait to success: playability.

Despite the incentives of earning tokens, people ultimately play games for entertainment. A P2E game that is not fun to play only attracts speculators looking for the greatest yield. These players look for short-term gains and will not hesitate to switch games once the return of investment drops. Thus, the only long-term solution is to create a game that is fun to play.

Product analysis

Crypto Raiders can be considered a rather polished P2E game. It has many Interesting mechanics as well as gameplay content that is ever expanding. Let’s explore some of their products.

Raiders NFTs

First off, new players have to purchase NFT raiders to begin playing. These Raiders can be purchased on OpenSea, with a floor price of 0.025 ETH at the time of writing. Raider recruitment events will occur in the future to increase character supply. This is to create a low-cost entry point for new players.

Raiders have varying attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Agility, Wisdom, Charm and Luck, affecting their battle ability. They also come in different races (Humans, Elves, Cyborg and Skeleton) , generations and levels(one to seven). Finally, each Raider has different gear. The inventory of a Raider’s gear can be found in the description section of the Raider on OpenSea. Gear is important for fighting in dungeons. You can either buy an equipped Raider or earn gear through raids.

Mobs NFTs

Players can also purchase mob NFTs to own monsters in the dungeons. Mobs have different rarities: Fodder, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Mythic and Epic. The more rare a Mob, the stronger it is. Mobs do not have a perma-death mechanic; when your MOB is defeated in a dungeon, it will continue to be entered into the pool for all other dungeon instances. If your MOB defeats a Raider, you will earn $AURUM and some of their loot.

Mounts NFTs

Mounts are used in quests, a staking mechanism that allows raiders to gain items passively. They provide a speed boost to quests, allowing more rewards for the same amount of time

Currently, no mount, Speed = 100, 1 quest item per 9.0 hours. Normal mount, Speed = 150, 1 quest item per 6.0 hours. Epic Mount, Speed = 250, 1 quest item per 3.6 hours.

Music NFTs

The project hosted a background music contest where creators could submit their work. The community then voted to feature the top 5 in-game. Subsequently, these 5 songs were released as NFTs.

Creators also received either; $2500 or 75% of the auction revenue – whichever was highest in value. In addition to this fee, both the NFT owner and soundtrack creators will receive regular in-game rewards. The more frequently a song plays, the higher the reward.


Quests are passive adventures you can send your Raiders on to accumulate resources that will help you with running dungeons, winning duels, crafting, and more. In the first quest, players help the Auershire medics collect Grimweed, the first herb in the Crypto Raiders economy. Players also earn Herbalism experience, which will unlock faster Herb farming as well as more challenging quests. These herbs can be used to craft items and potions.


Items and potions can be crafted using resources. Currently, you need Grimweed x 3, Eye of the Newt x 2 and Aurum x 3 to craft a minor health potion.


Once a player has purchased a raider, he can then choose a dungeon to raid under the “missions” tab.

The raider will then raid the dungeon where it will walk around and encounter random events such as monsters or treasure chests.

When a raider encounters a monster, he can choose to attack or run away. If the raider wins the battle, it gains experience and gear.


A unique feature of the game is permadeath. Players can turn this feature on for better rewards. When an NFT character dies, it is dead permanently. This brings a level of strategy as players will have to gauge the difficulty of the dungeon before exploring. This also acts as a “burning mechanism” such that players will have to purchase new NFTs to continue playing.

PVP Duels

Crypto Raiders also has a PVP duel gameplay option. Duels can be either passive or active. On launch, Raiders will join the pool of duellers by opting into duels with an “Enable Duels” option on the Crypto Raiders website.

As an active dueller, you can choose a Raider to duel with and pick your opponent to dominate in the arena. Passive duellers simply enable duels, allowing other players to duel them.

The duel will take both Raiders’ stats into account when attacking and defending against attacks. Whether dueling actively by picking an opponent and fighting or passively leaving your Raider in the pool of duellers, results will be recorded for both Raiders to build out a record of wins and losses.

Currently, there are duel competitions where people can compete for prizes. The daily prize pool is $1,000.

Endless dungeon

In this game mode, raiders fight endless waves of monsters. The further a raider gets, the higher chance to get a rare reward.

Product analysis conclusion

Crypto Raiders has many interesting gameplay mechanics that are novel. This provide the player with enough content to be entertained. Its PVP tournaments also fosters community building, incentivising individuals to participate in discord discussions and interact with other members.

Fundamental analysis

The $RAIDER token:

Market cap: $$43,280,626

FDV: $582,269,523

Volume (24hr): $4,201,324

Circulating supply: 7,445,580

Total supply: 100,000,000

$RAIDER currently trades on sushiswap on Polygon network.

The RAIDER token is the governance token for Crypto Raiders. It can be used to vote for governance proposals for the game. The first voting session was held on the 28th of march 2022.

The $AURUM token:

Market cap: unknown

FDV: unknown

Volume: $656,134

Circulating supply: unknown

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

$AURUM currently trades on sushiswap.

The AURUM token is the in-game currency for the Crypto Raiders game. Players use it to recruit new characters, purchase characters and items in the in-game marketplace, and run more difficult dungeons.

In an interview with Delphi Digital, the founders revealed that they would sell AURUM to the market if its price goes too high. This is done to keep the price of AURUM stable, allowing new players to get into the game cheaply. They have made over $5 million in the past six months doing this. Thus, it is unlikely that the price of AURUM will go parabolic.



The traffic for Crypto Raiders is not great. It has less than 1,000 users in the past 30 days despite the 5,290 wallets who hold Crypto raiders NFTs.. The majority of NFT trades are Raiders and Mobs.




Discord members: 20,678

Twitter followers: 28,100

Twitch followers: 608


Other than the standard methods of marketing, the team chose to engage with twitch streamers for community building. Streamers are incentivised with AURUM tokens to stream the game on a regular basis. There are currently three streamers in this programme. Views are averaging at 300-700 per stream.


Little is known about the team behind Crypto Raiders other than the CEO Nicholas Kneuper, advisor Nat Eliason and co-founder David Titarenco.


The tokenomics seems acceptable with half of the tokens being allocated to the community. An interesting point is that there are no private and public sales for either token.


The roadmap provided on the official website seemed rather vague. However the founders revealed in an interview that in the month of April, they will be turning on some plan-and-earn faucets for Mobs and players in the game. Nick said “I look at the game soberly right now, there is strategy in the game in terms of gearing, customization, and stack customization, but we are really lacking in strategy in combat. That is something we are really tackling over the next month. We are introducing abilities into the game, which is going to add a lot more strategic decision-making, which is going to benefit duels. It is going to benefit more complex PVE situations. At the end of March, we are launching our Unity build.”

Partnerships & investors

Crypto Raiders raised $6 million co-led by Defiance Capital and Delphi Digital, two leading crypto investors. The founder of Defiance Capital even tweeted using his personal account to promote the project.

Price analysis

Currently, RAIDER is trading at around $3, a significant pullback from the all time high of $11 and the local high of $7.30. The recent increase in price can be attributed to the overall positive market sentiment as well as rumors that raiders were raising an investment round which marked the local top of the token when the announcement was released.

The price of AURUM has also experienced significant pullback. There seems to be price correlation with recruitment events where AURUM tokens are paid to mint new NFT raiders.


At the time of writing, the crypto market sentiment is uncertain. The US yield curve inverted, signaling short term risks. Normally, long term bonds have higher interest rates due to the increased uncertainty. However, when investors sense short term risk, they rotate their assets into longer term bonds. This increase in demand drives the interest rate down, resulting in the inversion of the yield curve. In the event of a crypto market crash, altcoins tend to fall much more than big caps such as BTC or ETH.


Crypto raiders is a great P2E game on the polygon blockchain. Their development progress is especially quick compared to many other projects. There are new updates/features almost every month. This is a key ingredient for success in the fast-moving industry of blockchain, where projects compete fiercely with each other to create new and innovative content to entertain players.

Its recent investment round by Defiance Capital and Delphi Capital also increases retail confidence. In the short term, trading AURUM might be profitable by timing recruitment events. Mounts also seem to be interesting as they increase the P2E rate for quests, allowing players to earn more rewards.

We look forward to further developments and how the team continues to evolve the game.