The Kaiju Kingz project is currently making waves in the NFT space. From partnering up with numerous projects to sponsoring the development of free Web3 courses, the Kaiju Kingz team has clearly demonstrated its commitment to building out the Metaverse. Partnerships and integrations are essential for the growth of the Metaverse. Regardless of how successful an NFT project like Bored Apes or Cool Cats are on their own, they are still only a community of 10,000 holders. Interaction and integration between these communities is crucial to the growth and widespread adoption of the Metaverse.

Kaiju Kingz began as a collection of 3,333 Genesis Kaiju NFTs. Each of the 3,333 Genesis Kaijus are randomly generated from a pool of traits, with no two NFTs being the same. The collection includes 10 Legendary Kaijus. These animated Legendary Kaijus stand out from the rest of the collection, and as a result command much higher prices.

On October 18 2021, KaijuKing #0 sold for 50 ETH (equivalent to $187,300 USD at the time).

Each Genesis Kaiju generates 5 $RWASTE per day. $RWASTE will fuel the Kaiju Kingz economy and the team is looking to integrate the token with other projects as well. Currently, $RWASTE can be used to name a Kaiju, write lore for Kaijus, or produce a new Baby Kaiju by breeding two genesis Kaiju Kingz together. $RWASTE is currently worth ~$5.50 USD per token.

Kaiju Kingz was launched on 12 October 2021 for a mint price of 0.06 ETH. The current floor for a Genesis Kaiju King sits at 4.35 ETH at the time of writing, a whopping 7,250% gain when priced in Ether. The Baby Kaiju Kings provide a lower entry point into the project, with the cheapest currently being purchasable for 1.635 ETH. Baby Kaijus however, do not generate $RWASTE.

Kaiju Kingz will be featured on the Coinbase NFT marketplace on launch day.

Baby Kaijus and Failed Experiments

Apart from the 3,333 Genesis Kaijus, the Kaiju Kingz ecosystem also consists of a maximum of 6,000 Baby Kaijus and 1,800 Failed Experiments NFTs. Baby Kaijus are created by burning $RWASTE to breed two Genesis Kaijus together. These Baby Kaijus do not inherit traits from their parents. Instead, they mutate traits of their own, giving them a chance to produce rare traits not found in their parents.

The Failed Experiments NFTs were actually the original Genesis Kaiju Kingz NFTs. After discovering an issue with the whitelist and a bug in the original contract, the team decided to re-mint the Genesis collection, and labelled the first collection ‘Failed Experiments’. Since then however, the team has integrated the Failed Experiments into the Kaiju Kingz Lore.

As founder Dots put it, don’t let a good crisis go to ‘rwaste’. The team has migrated the Failed Experiments collection to a new contract, rectifying the previous bugs. After successfully integrating the Failed Experiments into the Kaijuverse, demand for these NFTs has also been on the rise. The team has plans to release mutant Kaijus, which are only obtainable through the use of Failed Experiments.

Integrations and partnerships

The Kaiju Kingz team is dedicated to building out its collaborative ecosystem of gaming integrations. Allowing Kaiju holders to use their NFTs as playable characters in other games increases the size of the Kaiju ecosystem, and enhances the overall Metaverse experience for Kaiju holders.

Kaiju Kingz has already announced partnerships with pxQuest (an NFT dungeon crawler game) and RaidParty (an on-chain idle MMO).

The team has also been building out additional utility for $RWASTE via integrations with their partners. In pxQuest, players will be able to wage $RWASTE against one another in PvP battles. Certain loot boxes will also be available for unlocking with $RWASTE.

$RWASTE is also being integrated into The Littles NFT project, allowing The Littles holders to burn $RWASTE to give their NFT a cute Kaiju costume.

These are just a few of the numerous partnerships Kaiju Kingz is forming. Check out their medium article Building the Kaijuverse Together for more details on all 13 partnerships they have going on.


Kaiju Kingz has an ambitious roadmap ahead. Kaiju holders are promised an exciting Metaverse experience ranging from games to virtual worlds.

Q1 2022 - Rooftop Rampage

The team recently released its first playable game Rooftop Rampage. Check it out for yourself at !

“KaijuKingz Rooftop Rampage is an endless runner KaijuGame, and will follow the heroic quest of a Baby Kaiju as he races across rooftops dodging rockets, nets, and anything the Lab technicians throw at him to uncover what cruel research they’ve been conducting. After prevailing against the Lab, you’ll be able to catalyze the Failed Experiment and set free the Mutant Kaiju from within. Rooftop Rampage is the entry point of the Kaijuverse and will build into our immersive world.”

Q1/Q2 2022 - The City of Sorashima

Building on the city skylines from Rooftop Rampage, the team plans to release the Sorashima metaverse, in which Kaiju holders can walk around as their Kaijus in a multiplayer, Club Penguin-esque virtual world. Sorashima will feature a virtual party club, an arcade, and even player-ownable Kaiju Kondos.

Players will also be able to spend $RWASTE within Sorashima at the KaijuMart where they can purchase Kaiju traits. After purchasing these unique traits, a fusing process at the KaijuMart will allow players to spend $RWASTE to combine it with their selected Kaiju - Genesis or Baby. This will give their Kaiju a unique appearance to flex on their fellow Kaijus.

Q2/Q3 2022 - Decentraland and Sandbox

KaijuKingz will allow holders to use a 3d model of their Kaijus in Decentraland.​​ The team also plans to build KlubKaiju in Decentraland, where virtual concerts can be held for the community.

Voxel-based models of each Kaiju will also be claimable by holders. These models will be usable in voxel-based worlds like Sandbox or Minecraft. The Kaiju Kingz team has already acquired virtual land in Sandbox:

This is just some of the exciting things the KaijuKingz team has planned for the future. For a more in depth run through of their future plans, check out their Roadmap V1 Medium article.


Radioactive Waste, also known as $RWASTE is a utility token with no maximum supply, that fuels the core of the Kaiju Kingz community. $RWASTE is passively generated (5 per day) by all Genesis Kaijuz, and users get rewarded just for holding them.

$RWASTE allow users to enter their Kaijuz name and story directly to the blockchain. It costs 150 $RWASTE to name your Kaijuz and another 150 to write their lore. As mentioned above, users can also create a new kind of beast, the Baby Kaiju, by owning two Genesis Kaijuz and fusing them with 750 $RWASTE.

The team has also been building out additional utility for $RWASTE via integrations with their partners. In pxQuest, players will be able to wage $RWASTE against one another in PvP battles. Certain loot boxes will also be available for unlocking with $RWASTE.

$RWASTE is also being integrated into The Littles NFT project, allowing The Littles holders to burn $RWASTE to give their NFT a cute Kaiju costume.


The Kaiju Kingz community is lively and active both virtually on their server and physically in the real world. Their Twitter account @KaijuKingz has grown to over 67,000 followers, and their Discord currently has over 22,000 members.

Kaiju Kingz was recently featured in the ART NOW physical art gallery located in Singapore. ART NOW is a bold and innovative art gallery that offers the best in the fields of contemporary art and design.

Successful NFTs are created by having a strong community, and regular meet ups are common to foster a strong community. In Singapore, a dinner session will be held for all Singaporean Kaiju Kingz holders in March 2022.


Augminted Labs is the team behind KaijuKingz. The Augminted Labs team is fully doxxed, check out their team page for yourself!


The Kaiju Kingz roadmap reflects the team’s dedication to building out the Metaverse in a collaborative and highly integrated way. The Kaijuverse will be a portion of the Metaverse, but Kaiju holders will also be able to participate in all kinds of other areas within the Metaverse due to the team’s efforts in forming its numerous partnerships and integrations.

In my opinion, this is the way the Metaverse should be built. Each virtual community has their own corner of the Metaverse, but ultimately every community is connected and able to interact via the network effects of this new digital environment.

No one should have complete ownership or control Metaverse. We should aim to build a Metaverse where different communities can feel at home in their own spaces, yet also remain connected to other communities via a highly integrated and interoperable system.