March Madness! It's been an action-packed month - Without further ado, let's uncover what transpired in the past month in the Carbon Ecosystem.

1.  Carbon

1.1. Multi-Pool Routing

The release of the V2.23.0 Software Upgrade introduced Multi-Pool Routing to Carbon.

Multi-Pool Routing enhances liquidity and reduces the likelihood of price slippage in spot market trades. To gain a better understanding on on the potential use-cases of Multi-Pool Routing, refer to this article.

1.2. EVM Compatibility, Alliance Module, Dynamic Interest Rates for $USC and more

Another noteworthy update is the V2.24.0 Software Upgrade, which introduced several significant features including the EVM Module, Group Module, Alliance Module, and a Dynamic Interest Rate Model for $USC.

EVM Module

The rollout of EVM compatibility on Carbon will enable anyone to deploy Solidity smart contracts on Carbon; Learn more here.

Alliance Module

The integration of Alliance will enable cross-chain asset staking, boosting security and creating mutually-beneficial economic synergy between Carbon and other chains.

Group Module
The implementation of the x/group module on Cosmos-SDK allows Carbon to create and manage on-chain multisig accounts, and enables voting for message execution based on configurable decision policies.

Dynamic Interest Rate Model

To improve peg stability, Carbon is introducing a Dynamic Interest Rate Model for $USC to ensure its value always remains at $1, which is vital for its use as collateral in cross-margin trading of futures and perpetuals; Learn more here.

Read more about the potential use-cases of $USC here.

1.3. Polygon Integration

Carbon is now integrated with Polygon, bridging Cosmos and Polygon - two of the most popular ecosystems - together!

With this integration, users can now easily and permissionlessly import assets from Polygon to Carbon. This can be done via the 'Import Token' feature on Demex, the protocol's reference trading UI.

1.4. Landing Page Revamp

Introducing Carbon's freshly renovated website!

Discover the future of DeFi in style with the sleek new design on


1.5. New Validator: Lavender Five

Lavender.Five Nodes is now part of the community of validators on Carbon!

$SWTH stakers, consider delegating your tokens to Lavender.Five Nodes at to promote greater decentralization.

For more information on Lavender.Five, click here.

1.6. Carbon x KyberSwap: Trading Grant Campaign

Running until 12 April, individuals who trade using $SWTH on the Arbitrum network through the KyberSwap platform have the opportunity to earn KNC rewards of up to $5000. Additionally, they will also have a chance to win a unique NFT on Galaxe.

Start trading here!

2. Demex

2.1. Referral Program Live

Users (the "referrers") who create a referral link on Demex can receive a commission of up to 15% of the trading fees paid by the people they refer. In turn, the people who use the referral link to sign up (the "referees") enjoy a discount on their trading fees as well. To find out more about how the commission and kickback structure works, click here.

Ambassadors Club

The Demex Ambassadors Club is a club exclusively for chosen users who have been loyal supporters of Demex for a long time and/or are influential content creators. Ambassadors have the opportunity to receive up to 25% commissions from trading fees. To become an Ambassador, submit an application here.

Top 10 Referrers Promotion

In celebration of the launch, from March 7th to March 21st, the initial 10 users who refer 10 eligible referrals have a chance to become part of the Ambassadors Club. To qualify as an eligible referral, the referred individuals ("referees") need to generate at least $500 USD in trading volume within the first seven days of signing up with Demex.

2.2. Multi-Pool Routing Live

The implementation of Multi-Pool Routing on Demex will help to enhance liquidity and streamline the trading experience for users.

Learn more Multi-Pool Routing here.

2.3. New Perpetual Markets

March saw the addition of a whooping 3 new perpetual markets on Demex!

GMX perpetuals

To honour the launch of $GMX perpetuals on Demex, the $GMX Perpetuals Guaranteed Rebate Promotion took place from 8 March to 15 March 9am UTC.

To participate, ssers have to simply trade on GMX perpetuals and depending on their pNL at the end of the promotion, they would be eligible for a cash back rebate:

  • Those who gained profits ("Gainers") would receive a 15% cash back rebate (up to 20 USD)
  • Those who suffered losses ("Losers") would receive a 10% cash back rebate (up to 10 USD)

Trade $GMX perpetuals here. This promotion is only limited to the top 50 traders (by trading volume).

NEO perpetuals

To celebrate the launch of $NEO perpetuals on Demex, the $NEO Trading Challenge was held in collaboration with the Neo team, from 14 March to 28 March 9AM UTC.

To participate in the Challenge and unlock Bonus Tasks, users had to:

  • Register by posting a tweet on Twitter with custom hashtag
  • Complete Earn task by depositing or ensuring a minimum balance of 100 USD, and using USD to execute 3 trades on the NEO-PERP market

The competition is only applicable to the first 100 registered participants, with each eligible participant standing to win $10 worth of $GAS. Trade $NEO perpetuals here.

Bonus Tasks

By completing the Bonus Tasks, participants have the opportunity to earn prize rewards in grouped $USD, $SWTH and $FIS.

  • Bonus Task A: Trade Any Perps to enjoy (i) up to $300 worth of $GAS rewards for the top 5 winners, or (ii) up to 20 $USD rebate for losers amongst the first 25 registered participants.
  • Bonus Task B: Be one of the first 50 participants to lend $bNEO on Nitron to get rewarded with $10 worth of $GAS

For more information about competition guidelines, rules and prizes, click here.

ARB perpetuals

Arbitrum is moving towards a DAO model and will be using $ARB as its governance token.

The airdrop was expected to create a volatile trading environment, which could present a lucrative opportunity for traders. To enable users to take advantage of this, Demex launched $ARB perpetuals before the airdrop. This allowed users to either take a long position if they missed out on the airdrop, or a short position as a means of hedging against the possible risks associated with the airdrop.

Don't miss out on the action - Trade $ARB perpetuals on Demex here!

2.4. Integration

Polygon Integration

With Demex's integration with Polygon, users can

  • Import tokens from Polygon permissionlessly via the 'Import Token' feature
  • Create markets and liquidity pools, and begin trading

Sommelier Integration

Real Yield USD allocates capital across key protocols to maximize yield by combining lending and LPing in a single strategy (instead of relying on individual lending or LPing strategies).

By integration with Sommelier, Demex is bringing Real Yield USD to the Carbon Ecosystem.

2.5. Rewards

As Demex ramps up on its community efforts, the past month has been filled with numerous engaging events for users to participate in and earn rewards from:

Congratulations, all winners! Prize rewards have been sent.

2.6. Community

Don't miss this month's Twitter Spaces, where Demex discusses and updates users on all the latest happenings:

3. Nitron

3.1. Dual Incentives for $ampLUNA Lending

The $ampLUNA lending pool on Nitron is incentivized with $1,000 worth of SWTH and $ampLUNA each.

By loaning out their idle $ampLUNA tokens, users can

  • Earn staking APY from LUNA
  • Receive lending APY
  • Enjoy additional APY in ampLUNA and SWTH incentivies

Lend $ampLUNA and start earning passive income on Nitron here!

3.2. Incentives for Real Yield USD Lending

Real Yield USD is now live on Nitron! The lending pool has been incentivized with a total of 100,000 $SOMM tokens.

By loaning out their idle Real Yield USD tokens, users can

  • Earn native real yield from Real Yield USD
  • Receive lending APY
  • Enjoy additional APY in SOMM incentivies

Lend Real Yield USD on Nitron to maximise your yield here!

To learn more about the integration and Real Yield USD lending on Nitron, check out this article.

4. What's next?

The past month saw the Carbon Ecosystem launching several exciting features - but as we continue in our unwavering pursuit towards achieving a trustless financial society, there remains March to do.

Who knows what the next month will bring? Until our next update!