We are excited to announce that Everstake will be joining the Switcheo TradeHub network as a validator. You will be able to stake your tokens with Everstake starting on 14th September 2020 through the Switcheo TradeHub staking interface!

Everstake is a leading staking service platform that runs a wide range of Proof-of-Stake blockchains including Tezos, Cosmos, ICON and Harmony. They are a familiar name to both institutional investors and token holders looking to make their crypto assets work harder for them.

Visit the Switcheo Blog for more information on Switcheo TradeHub and the staking of Switcheo tokens (SWTH).

About Everstake

Founded by Attic Lab in 2018, an EOS block producer based in Ukraine, Everstake comprises a team of experienced developers, financial experts and blockchain enthusiasts that bring to the platform highly secure and reliable nodes for Proof-of-Stake protocols. Everstake already has a revenue of 1 million USD and operates in 15 PoS and PoS-based blockchain networks with over 900 million USD worth of coins staked.

For more information, visit: https://www.everstake.one

About Switcheo

Switcheo builds platforms that break new ground. We bring you finance without limits, for lives without limits. Whether you’re a battle-weary trader or are just making your first purchase, there’s nothing cryptic about crypto on Switcheo. Leading the pack with multiple world firsts, your time spent with us will be a worthwhile investment.

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