Switcheo turns one year old today!

Just 12 months ago, Switcheo released the first NEO-based DEX. Since then, we have progressed to become one of the most preferred exchanges by traders all around the world.

Today, we commemorate this one-year milestone with our community who have been with us throughout our journey. Without your trust and support, Switcheo will not be where we are today.

Exclusive Interviews

To mark the occasion, we have prepared some exclusive interviews in which our founders chat about Switcheo’s progress through the past year, and also drop some tidbits about what to expect in the coming months!

NEO News Today’s exclusive interview with Ivan Poon, CEO. Read here.

Bull Flag Crypto’s interview with Jack Yeu, CCO

Watch Bull Flag Crypto’s interview with Jack Yeu, CCO of Switcheo Network
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KryptosChain’s chat with Jack Yeu, CCO

Watch KryptosChain chat with Jack Yeu, CCO of Switcheo Network

Birthday Events

To show our thanks to Switcheo supporters, here are some celebratory events for Switcheo’s first birthday!

Switcheo Chest

We are delighted to announce that we are extending our Switcheo Chest event to all dedicated Switcheo HODLers! For a limited time only, you can earn extra SWTH tokens by locking up what you are already HODLing. Find out more here.

We are giving away a pool of 500,000 SWTH tokens to all existing Switcheo newsletter subscribers! These tokens will be airdropped evenly to all our subscribers. Please refer to the instructions given in this week’s copy to claim your share of tokens.

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Thank you!

Thank you for being with us on Switcheo’s first birthday! Here are some closing words from our CEO, Ivan Poon.

It’s been an incredible one year for us.
On this occasion, I would like to give special thanks to our partners who have been supporting us quietly behind the scenes. While we often enjoy much of the limelight, your efforts aren’t forgotten!
We also greatly appreciate our community members for their unwavering support in the toughest of markets. You have helped shape the brand into something great and unique.
The road forward will be an extremely exciting one for us all. Here’s to many more birthdays to come!
— Ivan Poon, CEO, Switcheo Network
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