Calling all Switcheo TradeHub validators! The Switcheo dev team has released the v1.8.0 upgrade for Switcheo Tradehub.

If you are a validator, please head over here to begin the upgrade process immediately. Do note that you will need to perform the steps above by block height 2,280,000, which is estimated to occur on Thursday, 8 Oct 2020, 5:30PM SGT, or your validator will likely incur a slashing penalty

What does this upgrade contain?

This upgrade contains logic that activates the following at block 2,280,000:

  • An upgrader module which includes a new architecture that allows seamless (and optionally automatic) node upgrades for public and validator nodes in future.
  • The governance module which will immediately allow SWTH holders to vote on blockchain and consensus parameters changes, as well as on market and token listings when trading begins.
  • A cross-chain wrapper module which will allow the phase 1 withdrawal for SWTH.

The new binary also includes other trading engine optimizations and data indexing improvements.

As a user, when will we see new features?

Shortly after the upgrade height, we’ll be releasing our newly improved explorer and governance portal. On-chain governance will begin immediately.

We then intend to activate withdrawals of SWTH once there are incentivized LPs available.

What’s next in the Switcheo TradeHub codebase?

At the moment the dev team has achieved code completion for the CDP module, and will be testing it soon on TestNet. We’ve also made progress with our LP / AMM module, and are aiming to launch that together with the commencement of trading.

On top of that, this week will be a jammed packed week for Switcheo and our community - so do stay tuned for more!

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