We are excited to announce that Switcheo TradeHub now supports Keplr wallet - the interchain wallet for blockchains within the Cosmos ecosystem! Enjoy an even more seamless and secure connection to Switcheo TradeHub with Keplr as our newest login method!

Connect to Switcheo TradeHub more securely

Built by Chainapsis specifically for Cosmos-SDK, Keplr is a powerful wallet designed for flexible and versatile account management within the Cosmos ecosystem. As a browser extension wallet, connecting to Switcheo TradeHub using Keplr is much more secure than using encrypted keys which requires copying and pasting of keys onto the browser. Security risks are thus significantly reduced as users do not have to worry about losing their keys or getting phished, since keys are never exposed to the browser.

In order to further strengthen security of the Switcheo TradeHub protocol and safeguard user interests, Switcheo will also focus on allowing users to migrate login methods that involve exposing encrypted keys to the browser to more secure connection methods in the near future via more extensive wallet support.

One wallet for all Cosmos-based protocols

Switcheo TradeHub can now be added as a supported network on Keplr, enabling direct connection to the protocol. Following Switcheo TradeHub’s Stargate upgrade and subsequent support of the Inter-blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, Keplr will also be able to facilitate IBC token transfers and transactions between Switcheo TradeHub and other Cosmos-based protocols easily and securely. This means that using just a single wallet, users will be able to interact with multiple protocols across different blockchain ecosystems -- a true realization of open financial markets!

Built to support the growing Cosmos ecosystem, Keplr already boasts an array of natively integrated protocols including Cosmos ($ATOM), Kava ($KAVA) and Secret Network ($SCRT) among others that Switcheo TradeHub will be able to interact with down the road.

Getting started with Keplr

There are 2 ways users can connect to Switcheo TradeHub using Keplr. Follow our guides below to learn how to make the connection seamlessly!