We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Zilliqa, a next generation blockchain committed to providing scalable and secure solutions for developers and enterprises who wish to build decentralized applications on their platform.

As part of the partnership, Switcheo has secured a grant from Zilliqa to build a Uniswap-like DEX where users can trade ZIL or ZRC tokens directly on the Zilliqa blockchain, or pool liquidity to earn as market makers.

Switcheo will also integrate Zilliqa as the next blockchain within its current orderbook-based exchange, simulating orders from the on-chain liquidity pool. On top of that, traders will be able to use Switcheo’s renowned atomic swaps to trade tokens between Zilliqa and other blockchains without sacrificing self-custody. This initiative is currently estimated to be completed by the end of this year.

Watch this space for the latest updates and progress on our partnership with Zilliqa!

About Zilliqa

Zilliqa is a high-performance, high-security blockchain platform for enterprises and next-generation applications. Developed through academic research and helmed by a team of experienced scientists, engineers, venture creators and leaders in the financial services, Zilliqa addresses limitations in scalability and security, enabling real-world usability across a variety of industries, including finance, digital advertising, and gaming. In 2019, Zilliqa became the first public blockchain platform to be built on sharded architecture, with smart contracts written in the platform’s secure-by-design programming language, Scilla. For more information, visit: zilliqa.com.

About Switcheo

Switcheo is the first decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on the Neo blockchain, which now allows trading of EOS, Ethereum, and NEO tokens. Switcheo’s goal is to achieve a DEX network with cross-chain swapping capabilities across multiple blockchains, with a focus on delivering a world-class trading experience in a fully trustless and decentralized environment.

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