SWTH is live on Flamingo Finance! Trade the SWTH-nNEO token pair or provide liquidity to the SWTH-nNEO pool to earn rewards via swap fees.

Earn Rewards by Providing Liquidity

Users can now earn rewards by contributing liquidity to the SWTH-nNEO liquidity pool on Flamingo Finance and gaining Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens, FLP-SWTH-nNEO. LP tokens grant liquidity providers the right to redeem their assets and earn rewards via swap fees, proportional to how much was contributed to the pool.

FLP-SWTH-nNEO tokens obtained from providing liquidity to the SWTH-nNEO pool can also be staked to earn FLM, Flamingo’s native token. Of the 5 million FLM reward tokens released every week, 2.5% are distributed to stakers of the SWTH-nNEO pool. Find out how to stake LP tokens here!

For a detailed tutorial on how to contribute and withdraw liquidity from liquidity pools, check out Flamingo’s user guide. Do note that withdrawing tokens from liquidity pools will result in your LP tokens being burned.

About Flamingo Finance

Flamingo Finance is an interoperable, full-stack DeFi protocol built on the Neo blockchain supported by the NEO Global Development (NGD). As a cornerstone of Neo’s DeFi infrastructure, Flamingo completes the Neo ecosystem’s DeFi network and aims to provide innovative solutions to current challenges faced in the DeFi space. Flamingo is built around the three essential elements of DeFi - assets, markets and funds, and ensures a streamlined liquidity flow within all products.