1. Launch of Switcheo Research

In early August, Switcheo Research was launched with the aim of helping both crypto natives and novices better navigate and make sense of the increasingly complex crypto landscape. The first series of articles (6 to date!) focused on analysing protocols within the Cosmos ecosystem that Switcheo TradeHub is also a part of. The articles explore project fundamentals, tokenomics, use-cases and much more.

Read more from our in-house product researchers and market analysts here. Projects that Switcheo Research have already covered include THORChain, Mirror, Osmosis, Aavegotchi and Band Protocol.

For any research articles you would like to see, let us know on Twitter or Telegram. Be sure to add the #SwitcheoResearch hashtag!

2. Switcheo TradeHub v1.19.0 Node Software Upgrade

The Switcheo TradeHub v1.19.0 Node Software Upgrade was executed on 14 August and included several improvements and changes to the protocol.


  • Add lot_size and tick_size attributes to UpdateMarketProposal and UpdateMarketMsg
  • AddOrder and UpdateLeverage now uses a new margin allocation procedure
  • Whenever an order is added or leverage adjusted, margins for all orders on the same address and market will be fully reallocated, cancelling orders in reverse match priority order, if there is insufficient available margin

API Node Changes:

  • Improve performance of GET msg_types query.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where ADL priority is incorrect, and inappropriate orders are deleveraged
  • Fix an issue where liquidation engine tries to do updates even when there is no need for any changes

For a full list of proposals, do check out the Switcheo TradeHub Forum here.

3. Demex UI Updates

The layer 2 cross-chain trading platform saw several improvements in August to further elevate user experience on the platform. Aside from tweaks and fixes to the interface, a new PNL leaderboard feature was also implemented to showcase the top gainers and losers on the platform, complete with a function to share any position on Twitter!

More exciting features and updates are set to go live on Demex in the coming months, so do keep an eye out for it!

4. Addition of LKT/USDC Market

Switcheo TradeHub also saw the addition of the LKT/USDC market on the protocol coupled with its own native liquidity pool that liquidity providers can earn over 100% APR in.

Locklet Finance (LKT) is the worldโ€™s first decentralized, multi-chain vesting platform that enables project owners to vest tokens on the platform in a secure manner.

Users can trade the LKT/USDC market here or contribute to the liquidity pool to start earning!

5. August Rewards Distributed
Rewards distributed in the month of August amounted to over 31,300,000 SWTH and comprised other tokens such as USDC, ETH, CEL, NEX and BNB.

Source: swth.info