We are thrilled to announce that Demex and Decentr are forming an alliance to deeply integrate Demex as a dApp on the Decentr browser. Demex will also launch Decentr’s native token $DEC and it's spot market on the DEX.

About Demex

Demex is a cross-chain DEX, with CLOB-based perps, liquidity pools, money market, etc, and is designed to support any type of financial asset imaginable.

It is a fully permissionless and non-custodial platform, allowing any user to list new markets, tokens, and participate in DeFi, giving control back to users for a frictionless trading experience that rivals CEXs.

About Decentr

Decentr is a web browser and decentralized platform that acts as a portal to Web 3.0. It provides access to decentralized applications (dApps) and other blockchain-based services while ensuring security and privacy for its users.

Decentr's browser is built on a decentralized architecture that doesn't rely on a centralized server, making it more secure and resistant to attacks. By using Decentr's browser, users can enjoy a decentralized browsing experience while accessing a wide range of decentralized services.

Demex x Decentr

In the true spirit of decentralization, Demex and Decentr have joined forces to make DeFi more accessible to users globally. Demex provides the platform and means for users to take finance into their own hands. Whereas Decentr similarly provides the platform for users to browse the internet, without compromising personal data or breaching their privacy.

Very soon, Demex will be integrated as a dApp directly on the Decentr browser. This will allow users to access Demex at the tips of their fingers. By using the Decentr browser, Demex users can enjoy a decentralized browsing experience, as the browser doesn't rely on a centralized server. Besides, the browser provides better security features such as encryption and the ability to store data locally.

Demex will also launch Decentr’s native token $DEC, the sole token that supports exchanges between data and all currencies (fiat and digital) as part of a new global economy. A permissionless spot market for DEC-USD will be created.

This is just the beginning of a whole more to come from this partnership!


The partnership between Demex and Decentr is a significant development for both platforms. Demex will benefit from Decentr's user base, which will increase its visibility and user adoption. On the other hand, Decentr will benefit from the partnership by providing its users with access to a decentralized derivatives exchange.

In conclusion, the partnership between Demex and Decentr is a step forward in promoting the adoption of decentralized technologies. It will enable users to access the exchange in a more secure manner while enjoying the benefits of a decentralized browsing experience.

Demex is dedicated to the greater development of the DeFi ecosystem. If you are interested in any potential collaborations, reach out to us here!