Since our soft launch of Demex, we’ve had an overwhelming response from the community!

Today, we’re pushing forward with 5 new incentivized pools and spot markets on Demex! We’re also updating the existing pool weights to account for the new pools.

Market Pair Pool Reward Weights % of Total Rewards
ETH 50% / USDC 50% 2x 6.90%
WBTC 50% / USDC 50% 2x 6.90%
CEL 50% / USDC 50% 1x 3.45%
NEX (ERC-20) 50% / USDC 50% 1x 3.45%
nNEO (NEP-5) 50% / USDC 50% 1x 3.45%
SWTH 20% / ETH 80% 2x → 8x 33.33% → 27.59%
SWTH 20% / USDC 80% 3x → 12x 50.00% → 41.38%
WBTC 50% / ETH 50% 1x → 2x 16.67% → 6.90%

Users can provide liquidity to these pools to earn from maker rebates and liquidity rewards. Trading on the ETH/USDC, WBTC/USDC, CEL/USDC, NEX (ERC-20)/USDC and nNEO (NEP-5)/USDC markets is now also available on Demex!

Fees for ETH/USDC and WBTC/USDC markets are set at 0.10% taker & -0.05% maker, while fees for all other markets are 0.25% taker & -0.05% maker. The fee for the ETH/WBTC market has also been updated to 0.10% taker & -0.05% maker to make the market more competitive. Swap fees (implicit spread) for ETH-50/USDC-50 and WBTC-50/USDC-50 pools are set at 0.01%, and 0.10% for all other markets. These settings can be updated by governance in future.

The new reward weights will take effect on 19 December 2020, 11am UTC.

Head over to today.

For more information on how to provide liquidity or commit LP tokens to earn more rewards, check out our user guides.

About Demex

Demex is a fully decentralized platform that supports any cryptocurrency derivative product. It is built on the Switcheo TradeHub, a custom Layer-2 blockchain solution. Demex provides the speed, scalability, and safety you need, so you can trade the way you want. No registration or deposits needed.

Visit our guides for more information.

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