Leap Cosmos Wallet is a software wallet designed to store, manage, and transfer the native digital assets of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Leap can be accessed on various platforms, including iOS and Android mobile devices and as a browser extension, providing a secure way to navigate the Carbon ecosystem.

With Carbon now live on Leap Mobile and Dashboard, this brings a myriad of features and functionalities to the $SWTH community!

Read on as we delve into more details.

Exploring the Power of $SWTH on Leap
Mobile: A Complete Guide

1. Portfolio Overview

The Portfolio Overview feature allows users to see the overall value of their assets (expressed in dollars) in one page. With the click of a button, users can track the value of their $SWTH investments and keep track of their portfolio at all times!

2. One-click IBC Transfers

Leap has simplified the process of Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) transfers, allowing users to easily initiate transfers by inputting the designated address. To enhance ease-of-use, Leap has incorporated an address book feature that enables users to save and organize frequently used and trustworthy addresses, thus facilitating expedient selection for future transfers.

3. Governance

The Governance feature helps to streamline the governance process and promote active participation among users. Users can view active and historical proposals, cast votes, and monitor the status of proposals, all within the same interface. This facilitates informed decision-making and encourages engagement from $SWTH token holders in the governance process.

4. Stake $SWTH

Leap offers an in-wallet staking solution aimed at simplifying the staking process for users whilst reinforcing the underlying network (in this case, Carbon). This solution features a validator randomization function, which reorders the list of validators each time a user initiates a stake, thus promoting decentralization within Carbon. In addition, the platform offers a one-click reward claim functionality, making staking both accessible and user-friendly for all users.

5. Push Notifications

Leap's instant push notification service ensures users are kept informed of all activity in their wallet, providing notifications for transactions involving the $SWTH token. This service is being augmented with further functionalities, in which users of the Leap mobile application will be able to receive instant alerts for various events such as:

  • Introduction of new governance proposals and opening of voting periods
  • Jailing of validators with which the user has staked their tokens with
  • Changes in the price of the $SWTH token, among other developments!

6. Security

Similar to its browser extension counterpart, the Leap mobile wallet is a non-custodial solution, in which the platform has no access to the private keys that control the user's funds. Upon creating a new wallet, users are provided with the private keys, making them the sole custodian of their funds. For users who already possess a Cosmos wallet, Leap mobile offers a simple import feature, allowing for seamless use of their existing wallet on the mobile app.

7. Ledger Connection

Users can now connect their Ledger to Leap via Bluetooth! Users have the option to either create a new hot wallet and connect it to their Ledger through Bluetooth or, for added security, connect their Ledger wallet directly to the platform. Either option offers users a smooth, safe and secure way of managing their assets.

Take the Leap with Carbon

Leap Wallet has been successfully integrated with the Carbon chain, with support for the wallet now live on our reference UIs: Demex, CarbonHub and Carbonscan.

Intrigued and want to try out Leap Wallet?

  • Experience the power of Carbon on the go with the free Leap Cosmos wallet app, now available for download from the Apple and Play store!
  • Download Leap Cosmos Wallet on Chrome Browser Extension here.
  • Access Leap Cosmos Wallet on their Web Dashboard here.