Cross-chain markets

We found that traders today faced difficulty trading directly between certain tokens, especially those native to different blockchains.

After much discussion with the community in TIP-10, we are excited to announce our first 5 BSC market pairs being added to Demex:






Taker Fees: 0.25%

Maker Fees: -0.05%

Because Demex runs on the Switcheo TradeHub blockchain, a minute amount of network fees may be incurred. These network fees are outlined in our guides.

BSC liquidity mining campaign

As per TIP-10 passed on 10th of March, SWTH holders have voted to allocate liquidity rewards to the following new pools for a period of 6 months.

Liquidity rewards are LP commitment rewards allocated from stakers/delegators to Liquidity Providers. Liquidity Providers will earn higher yields as they commit to locking in their liquidity for a period of up to 30 days. LPs must then re-commit their liquidity to continue earning rewards from our liquidity mining campaign.

Reward weights affect the proportion of LP commitment rewards that are allocated to each pool. Higher reward weights means that a higher proportion of these rewards are allocated to those pools.

If that sounds confusing, keep a lookout for our APR calculator, which tabulates your APR and your ‘boost factor’ based on your LP commitment duration.

Note that APRs shown on the Pools page are subject to change, depending on the number of Liquidity Providers joining the pool.

Read an in-depth explanation about SWTH tokenomics here.

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