The first preview of the Decentralized Mercantile Exchange (Demex) that is set to run on the Switcheo TradeHub decentralized trading protocol is finally ready to be revealed!

Over the past year, the Switcheo mission to create an all-inclusive global financial market went from concept to code, to interface. Today, we are elated to share with you a sneak peek of the Demex user interface!

Sleek Trading User Interface

The Demex user interface is modern and intuitive equipped with a powerful range of trading tools for advanced derivative traders. Traders will have access to the full selection of order types, triggers, and charting features that they are familiar with.

Potential Markets

The market dropdown menu on the top left shows you our diverse range of available markets and market formats.

We’ll be testing the SWTH/USD spot markets and BTC-0925 (vanilla) futures market in our closed beta test next week. Read on for more information!

Isolated Margin

Demex allows the use of isolated margin from the get-go to allow for easier margin management across the various markets. You will be able to trade with your desired risk level and achieve greater exposure with lower capital requirements on Demex. The highest leverage Demex offers is up to 100x on the perpetual contracts currently!

If you missed the introduction of Demex, where we explained the story and motivation behind the new platform, read the article here.

Try it out

We will be conducting an invite-based closed beta next Tuesday, 7 July 2020 to let you test out Demex and the Switcheo TradeHub testnet. If you’re one of our most loyal contributors, watch your inboxes as we’ll be sending out participation invitations to you!

We’re also opening up a waitlist form for those who wish to be considered should we lack sufficient participants! Join here.

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