Today, we are excited to formally re-introduce the Switcheo you know and love, under our new name Switcheo Labs, along with a sharpened identity and a brand new website. The refreshed name better represents our commitment to be pioneers and thought-leaders of true decentralization, as we continue to dive headfirst into new realms and explore uncovered spaces.

As we sat down and reflected about what truly drives us, it became clear to us that our core purpose has never wavered. In our three years, everything we have set out to do is based on a very simple reason. We exist for the simple desire to eradicate the need for trust and reliance in the way people transact.

This has been the guiding light from the start, where the team first started out as a decentralized exchange (DEX) called Switcheo Exchange. This was in 2018 where Switcheo Labs was the first to launch a DEX and atomic swap exchange on Neo. In doing so, we established ourselves as a force to be reckoned early on, making headwaves in both the crypto and DeFi space.

Today, we are proud to share with you a refined look at Switcheo Lab's  purpose, mission and vision.

Purpose: To put power back where it belongs, in the hands of the people
It begins with our underlying purpose, putting  power back in the hands of the people - where it rightfully belongs. For us, that starts with finance, and we truly believe that this shift of power will bring economic prosperity globally.  

Mission: Nurturing ecosystems that foster collaboration and empower people to devise purposeful solutions together.
At Switcheo Labs, we believe trying to fulfil this purpose solely by ourselves is self-defeating. This is because going alone necessarily results in walled gardens that are operated by centralized gatekeepers. That is why our mission has always been to nurture ecosystems that allow for open collaboration, Where we act as shepherds, rather than owners or custodians.

Already, Switcheo Labs has nurtured protocols and infrastructure that bring users real utility while accelerating the DeFi cause. One example is Carbon, a Layer-2 DeFi protocol that acts as a springboard for developers and/or collaborators to propose, build or implement any financial market permissionlessly and at scale. Another example is ZilSwap, the first DEX on Zilliqa, which now also hosts the first cross-blockchain bridge to Ethereum, ZilBridge.

We hope that these building blocks will be instrumental in others coming and building upon, creating their own unique and purposeful innovations that have intrinsic value, and solve real problems. Going forward, we will continue to strive for open, decentralized development, so that the solutions built are resistant to both censorship and time.

Vision: For the world to attain true freedom by eradicating the need for trust and reliance.

Ultimately, we envision a truly decentralized world powered by efficient infrastructure where every person has the right to manage their wealth in a fair and transparent manner that is free of unjust barriers.

To this end, uncoupling Switcheo Labs from the innovations we have ideated is necessary. Switcheo TradeHub and Switcheo Tradescan include the “Switcheo” branding in their naming,  and this tight association with Switcheo Labs impedes them from achieving their ultimate form, while also creating confusion for newcomers.

As such, we are also taking this opportunity to introduce the rename of Switcheo TradeHub and Switcheo Tradescan to Carbon and CarbonScan respectively. The new name will allow for brand-neutrality, representing our dedication in cultivating ecosystems that are fully decentralized. As the Carbon ecosystem continues to develop, the SWTH token will remain its native governance token, until such a time that protocol governance is able to enact a community-driven change. Finally, the newly named protocol also comes with a brand new website to get new community members started. Read more about it here!

A Refined Look

To better portray our refined identity and brand positioning, we have also updated our visual identity, which will be integrated throughout all our messaging platforms. Our Twitter handle will be updated to @SwitcheoLabs, and the Switcheo wordmark has been slightly updated with a more modern and futuristic font that better aligns with us. We have chosen to retain the original color palette and iconic arrow logo which has been symbolic to the Switcheo community, and continues to convey our vision of constantly moving forward towards a decentralized future.

This brand refresh is a celebration of progress and all we have achieved together, whilst also marking a new chapter in our tenacious pursuit for true decentralization. We thank you for your unwavering and tremendous support over the years, and look forward to continuing the journey together!

About Switcheo Labs

Switcheo Labs is a creative and experimental think tank that bootstraps and nurtures decentralized ecosystems in the DeFi space. Founded in 2018, Switcheo Labs was born out of a simple desire to make finance accessible and trust optional. Recognizing the financial challenges that currently exist, Switcheo Labs innovates on robust alternatives to put power back where it rightly belongs, in the hands of the people.

About Carbon

Carbon is a Layer 2 trading protocol powering cross-chain financial markets and infrastructures. As a custom-built sidechain, Carbon is designed specifically for trading sophisticated financial instruments such as options, bonds and futures at scale. Developers can build, implement and scale any kind of decentralized application on Carbon while enjoying multi-chain interoperability. Carbon acts as the core of the multi-chain world while laying the foundation for the future of decentralized financial economies.